Another edition of "I have a bunch of new stuff coming out and forgot to tell you!"
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(If you’re getting one of my emails for the first time, welcome — I added anyone who opted in from the New Rat City Pt. 2 Kickstarter, and that’s most…
A brief and very newsy-newsletter today: Issue #1 of New Rat City is now available in comic shops! Look for it on the new release shelf at your local…
Welcome, friends new and old!
It bears repeating: improvement isn't linear.
Hi, everyone! Three small pieces of news from me: There are just a few hours left to get Parts 1&2 of New Rat City! The campaign ends at 9 am ET…
New Rat City Part 2 is here! Get the whole series in two double issues on Kickstarter
Check out my stories 'Relict' and 'Smart Home' in Progs 2279 and 2280!
Check out pages 1-12!
In this post I'll talk about how I found the artists I'm working with on the series, why I handled payments like I did, and what the different stages of…
Last weekend I tabled at New York Comic Con for the first time. I've been attending NYCC and Special Edition (RIP) since 2014, and my fondest memories…