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December 2022

(If you’re getting one of my emails for the first time, welcome — I added anyone who opted in from the New Rat City Pt. 2 Kickstarter, and that’s most…

September 2022

A brief and very newsy-newsletter today: Issue #1 of New Rat City is now available in comic shops! Look for it on the new release shelf at your local…

May 2022

Hi, everyone! Three small pieces of news from me: There are just a few hours left to get Parts 1&2 of New Rat City! The campaign ends at 9 am ET…

April 2022

Check out my stories 'Relict' and 'Smart Home' in Progs 2279 and 2280!
New Rat City Part 2 is here! Get the whole series in two double issues on Kickstarter
Check out pages 1-12!
It bears repeating: improvement isn't linear.
Hello! This is the third and final post in my series about how much it cost to make the first issue of Andraste as an independent writer commissioning…
In this post I'll talk about how I found the artists I'm working with on the series, why I handled payments like I did, and what the different stages of…
I’ve funded the production of Andraste myself thus far, and I thought it would be neat to share exactly how much it cost to do that for Issue #1 as an…

March 2022

Lots and lots of it!