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News about my work, peeks at books-in-process, weird facts about rats and Rome I come across while researching, and an occasional .gif or two.

Hi, everyone! Three small pieces of news from me: There are just a few hours left to get Parts 1&2 of New Rat City! The campaign ends at 9 am ET…
Check out my stories 'Relict' and 'Smart Home' in Progs 2279 and 2280!
New Rat City Part 2 is here! Get the whole series in two double issues on Kickstarter
Lots and lots of it!
Welcome, friends new and old!
Last weekend I tabled at New York Comic Con for the first time. I've been attending NYCC and Special Edition (RIP) since 2014, and my fondest memories…
The campaign for New Rat City Part 1 is now live! You can pick up the first half of the series on Kickstarter here…
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